Check back soon for our brand new schedule. In the meantime, we’re welcoming you to flow with us in our temporary bungalow at the beautiful Bahia Vik in José Ignacio. Contact us for more information or to reserve your class/therapy session. See you soon!


Mindful movement offers much more than improved flexibility, strength and stamina; it actively builds pathways from our outer world to our inner world and forms a synergy between body, mind and spirit. 


Whether you’re looking to activate and engage, relax and surrender, or both,at The Shack we offer a variety of classes aimed at all levels. Welcome to our tribe!

Our touch-based therapies work to further bring your being into balance. We aim to re-establish the connection with your emotional body, allowing for deep healing to occur. Working to release trapped energy, you’ll leave with a sense of nourishment and serenity. 


Through our transformative workshops, all-inclusive retreats and holisticboutique, we encourage people to adopt a lifestyle thatreflects inner growth. In the completion of a therapeutic process we transition from the inner world of healing and we emerge back intothe external. In this process, we aim to cultivate transparency and authenticity. It is the time to celebrate your journey!


Ruta 10, 20402

José Ignacio, Maldonado
(+598) 94 494 555