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Our touch-based therapies work to further bring your being into balance. We aim to re-establish the connection with your emotional body, allowing for deep healing to occur. Working to release trapped energy, you’ll leave with a sense of nourishment and serenity. 

Photos: Maggie Harrsen

Deep Tissue

Tension is released through slow, deliberate strokes and direct pressure aimed at reaching deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascia. This technique is often used to treat musculoskeletal issues such as trigger points, chronic pain and sports injuries.


A gentle, relaxing, full-body massage characterized by long, nourishing strokes. It encourages circulation and the release of emotional and physical stress.


This powerful treatment seeks to stimulate and optimize the function of the different bodily systems (nervous, circulatory, digestive, muscular, etc.) and provides relief from chronic pain or discomfort. Regenerative massage promotes physical and emotional wellbeing, relieves stress and strengthens the immune system.


An oil-based massage that is considered in ancient India a form of preventative medicine aimed to increase circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. It opens the flow of life force in order to cleanse and revitalize the body.

Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle, rhythmic massage that encourages the circulation of lymphatic fluid helping to remove waste and toxins from body tissue aiding in weight loss and the removal of waste and toxins.


A rebalancing treatment that aims to assist in the body's natural healing process. Reiki cultivates emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Often described as hands-on healing, it works by channelling positive energy into the body.

Health Coaching

During these life-enhancing sessions you will learn the necessary tools to achieve balance, focus and happiness. In the first session you identify your goals, which may be changing your eating habits, improving your relationships or feeling full of energy every day. You then learn tools to achieve these goals. Implementing changes in your daily routine and learning healthy habits will guide you to your true self!


This FDA-approved mat is covered in made of Amethyst crystals, known as nature’s super conductors. It converts electricity into far-infrared light waves (FIR) and produces negative ions, which are found everywhere in nature. These negative ions stimulate the body’s cell membranes, helping to alkalise and remove cellular waste and toxins. 

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Vibrational Sound Healing

This one-on-one meditative session uses a variety of instruments including singing bowls, the harmonium and voice, to relax and restore. The vibrational frequency of the body is rebalanced as you are taken on a deeply healing journey through the power of music.

Natal Astrology

The position of the solar system the moment we take our first breath affects us in more ways than we can imagine. In Natal Astrology, we map the position of the planets and stars for a deep insight into our personality, motivations and desires. Through a greater understanding of the various life cycles we thrive towards living happily and in tune with the universe.

Infrared sauna

This therapy uses far-infrared light waves to safely and naturally heat the body. By increasing our core temperature, sweat glands are stimulated, allowing encapsulated gases and other toxic materials to be released. We are proud to use Clearlight Saunas, which combine state-of-the-art technology with a beautiful all-natural cedarwood environment. We offer this as private 30-minute treatment for individuals or couples. 

Organic Voice


This individual session allows you to activate the gift that is your Voice. Your voice is vibrational energy, self-reflection and an integral part of your being. Through conscious singing and sound exercises you will receive your true voice and access the key to self-knowledge, openness and enjoyment.

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