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Our Story

isabella channing



When my family first acquired land in the Hamptons the only structure on the property was the old bunker type shed out in the thick of the woods. We named it The Shack.

I grew up as a child taking long walks out to The Shack with my sister, where we would spend endless days playing make-believe games within its walls. Then as I got older, with my closest friends, we’d take guitars and blankets, fire wood, candles and bottles of wine and spend summers and harvest seasons creating magic and love and art. The Shack was a legend and we were nothing short of a tribe.

I was born to an American father and Uruguayan mother. My mother passed away when I was five years old, leaving me Uruguay and Spanish. In my soul-searching 20’s I ventured to Uruguay, and it was here that I connected with myself, I connected with my mother, and I found yoga.


My life for many years felt split in two: mother/father, Spanish/English, Uruguay/USA. At long last it was time to build the bridge between my two worlds. I dug deep into my roots and began to resurrect The Shack, taking it from a dreamy childhood hideaway to what it is today – an international, multi-disciplinary Wellness Center in South America.

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Photo: Ben Collier

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